Rekordbox beatgrid import not working

Hi Christian,

I’m in evaluation mode with Lexicon and multiple supported apps, my existing library is in RB 6, and contains quite a few live-drummer tracks with adjusted beatgrids. I’ve created a test library on a secondary laptop with just three tracks in it, and am trying to get the adjusted beatgrid for one of them to show up in Lexicon.

I’m doing a non-merging full import in Direct mode but it doesn’t pick up the grid as I’ve set it in RB. The grid also differs from the one that Lexicon creates if I copy the file and analyse it. Any idea what might be causing this? Is my expectation correct that this should even work?


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Hi Mike,

Yeah that should work, Lexicon does support dynamic grids. Can you share some screenshots of what you mean exactly? Then I can give you a better answer

Hi Christian,

Thanks for getting back. I’ve just redone the workflow starting from RB with two clean copies of the example file, and I’m seeing some very odd behaviour, see what you make of this…

I’ve done a dynamic analyse on both files then for the top one here I’ve tweaked the grid in RB just using the “adjust from current position” button a few times at the start of the track. After 8 bars here’s the difference:

Then I’ve set Analysis Lock to On for the two tracks, quit RB, waited for the process to exit then opened Lexicon and done a full non-merging import. Here’s how the UNadjusted track looks in Lexicon, at the same point:

Bar 9 starts before the little peak there, whereas in RB it was well after. However, the adjusted track looks closer to the unadjusted grid:

Is Lexicon somehow confusing the two tracks due to me doing a simple file copy in Windows Explorer do you think? I’d changed the track title in the copy so I could distinguish them in the track lists, but most of the tag data is still the same in both.

In my experiments before with just a single file it simply appeared that the grids differed in Lexicon to either the unmodified dynamic analysis grids or to adjusted ones. I could try and reproduce a different case here if needed. I might think to completely trash the RB and Lexicon databases in that case and start fresh, in case there’s just some bad data that’s crept in.

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I don’t think there is a way for Lexicon to confuse tracks, even copies so that’s not it.

Can you upload that track?
I’ll try and reproduce it.

Might be related to the sheer amount of markers that RB sets when doing dynamic analysis, it can be (in extreme cases) around 1000 :confused: Often between 100 and 200 for a track

Done. Also included both Lexicon and RB database backups for good measure (expanded from the zip files as MASV complained about corruption risk when uploading zips). Thanks for looking into this, if there’s anything else you need from my side let me know and will supply.

Thanks, I will dig into it tomorrow and let you know

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I think it happens because of the way dynamic analysis works in RB. It doesn’t work with markers like LXC does but it has an exact timestamp for each beat. So translating that to LXC is a problem when (almost) every beat needs a slight adjustment.

If I use normal analysis on your track and make a few adjustment (I went from 9.1 onwards), then they do appear in the right places in LXC. I think that’s because there are way fewer adjusted beats that way

Ok, sounds like I need a rethink then, I’d hoped to get an exact import of my RB grids to LXC and work from there. I’m still not sure where I will end up in terms of primary performance software, I thought it would be Serato but not convinced. If I can’t just cleanly import my existing grids to Serato then that’s another point against.

Traktor’s lack of flexible grids makes it a non-starter given the number of live-drumming tracks I like to play, so djay Pro 5 has turned my head as its new fluid grids feature gets it right automatically almost all of the time. In that case I would just accept a clean start and not worry about importing grids via LXC. Either that or just pay for an RB performance license and use it for everything I suppose.

For mixing live music I would definitely give Djay Pro a good try… Lexicon doesn’t support it yet, but will do so later this year. Maybe the best beatgrid is one that doesn’t exist at all :thinking:

I’m leaning towards it for sure. It hammers the CPU on my Windows laptop (Dell XPS) and makes the fan run hard, but everything else it does looks really good - the sync with DVS is super solid and fluid grids are awesome. Good to know you’ll be supporting it in LXC.