Rekordbox Beatport link playlists do not sync to Engine dj Desktop


When I sync rekordbox playlists to engine dj desktop that contains Beatport link tracks, I get a “sync complete” message (all ok apparently):

but when I go to engine dj desktop, there are only a empty folder with the name of the playlist, but no content:

However, rekordbox playlists with no streaming tracks are correctly syncing to engine dj desktop from Lexicon.

(MacBook Pro M1, OS: Monterrey 12.6.2)

Engine DJ desktop does not support streaming tracks such as Beatport LINK.

If you use the Target Drive option on the Sync page and sync directly to Denon hardware or a USB that you use in Denon hardware, the streaming tracks will work there.

Hi Christiaan,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve tried what you say. I synced directly to a USB drive. Then connected the USB to Denon SC6000. After open de usb drive and go to playlist, I see the playlist folders, but they are empty. Exactly the same thing that happened to me on engine desktop:

However, I have performed the same operation with non-streaming music and it does transfer correctly (From Lexicon to Engine OS Hardware).

I have verified that I am correctly logged in to Beatport and I play Beatport tracks on the Denon SC60000 correctly.

PD: playlist synced are previously imported in Lexicon correctly:

Okay, that’s curious. I haven’t seen that problem before yet.

Can you upload your Engine database from the Denon device? It’s this folder: Engine Library/Database2

I’ll take a closer look.

Thank you Christiaan, attached is the engine Database. (718.0 KB)

I look forward to your response.

Thanks. I don’t immediately see anything strange in there so I will need to do some further testing and bring out an update if I find the reason.

I’ll have time for it next week, I’ll give you an update/fix then.

Ok, thanks.

I look forward the update/fix.

Hi Christiaan,

I have seen several things that may be of help to you.

In engine OS, when I press on one of the imported playlist (for example, the techno#8 playlist), show me 18 empty slots. The same number of tracks the playlist have in Lexicon and Rekordbox:

Even I can press on the empty slot and show me the properties or TAGS of the track (but empty values):

Additionally, if a go to engine OS search (by artist), show me the artist that are in the playlist, but not the track. The slot track is empty:

So, seems that Engine OS is reading some metadata of the USB memory, like artist name. It’s weird.

I hope this data could be helpful to solve the issue.

PD: I’ve updated Engine firmware to the latest version (2.4.0). And I’ve checked all functionalities of the engine OS works fine. Connecting to playlists directly from Beatport, or importing .wav/.mp3 tracks via USB stick


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What Lexicon version are you using?

This problem should be fixed in the next update (coming this week). Just re-sync to your Engine device and it should work

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Hi Christiaan,

I’m using the last version:

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Thanks. Let me know how the update works. I was able to reproduce and fix it here so I expect it will be fixed for you too

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Great! When will the update be available, aprox?

Few days at most

Hi Christiaan,

Today I’ve updated the Lexicon Version:

But issue is not solved. Beatport streaming tracks are empty in Engine Dj. Same issue before the update.

I’ve tryed to import all Rekordbox library to Lexicon again. The library it’s imported ok, the streaming tracks and no streaming tracks are imported to Lexicon. But when I try to sync to a memory stick and then import into Denon SC-6000, the streaming tracks are empty. Only are imported folders and playlists names but engine os show empty slots within playlists (non streaming tracks are imported ok).

I’ve tryed to import single playlist (only Beatport streaming tracks) and are empty. And I’ve tryed to sync all Rekordbox library, and occurs the same issue. I only can view in Engine non streaming tracks, but Beatport streaming tracks are empty.

Please, I need quick solution. I’ve bought Lexicon license 2 weeks ago for only this task, import Beatport Streaming tracks and it’s not working.

Thanks in advance.

Can you upload the Database2 folder from the Engine device again? I know what the problem is now so I can run a fix on it and send you the database back so it should work. I’ll try and send it back asap (tomorrow morning, it’s late here now)

I can extend your subscription for free as well, no problem there.

Thanks for the quick response Christiaan.

I attach the Database2 folder in a zip file. (1.1 MB)

m.db (2.4 MB)

Here is the fixed database. You only need to replace the m.db with this file on your Denon.
Let me know if it works please.

I’ll make sure it will work properly in future Lexicon too.

Yes, now Engine OS show me the Beatport Streaming tracks.

Thanks for the quick solution.

When do you think this will works on Lexicon?

Going to look at it again soon, so in the next update. Maybe next week

I can always fix your database again if needed before that, it’s very quick

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