Rekordbox display freezes, and DDJ1000 becomes unresponsive. Cant figure out why

I recently upgraded my motherboard to MSI Z790 Pro, with a 12th Gen I512400F, and 32GB DDR5 4800mhz, Lately, it has started freezing the on screen display, and my DDJ1000 controller also will not respond whilst this is going on. I route audio from the Booth Out jack plugs which connect to a Behringer UMC 202HD interface which is connected to my laptop and i use the laptop to stream an overhead cam and the audio. I’ve never had issues like this even with the last PC which was lower spec than this but worked so well. (I broke the board on that one) which is why i have upgraded.
Just wondering if anyone identifies with the same issue, Everything is up to date software wise. Its weird how its struggling to handle rekordbox without anything else running. My 1000 needs servicing as faders 1 and 2 are almost done. On channel 1 it crackles and pops at full volume, so i have to max it at about 4/5s of the way up and use gain to compensate. Are these issues connected in any way? Any input welcome, im stumped.

No idea but this can be better asked on the Rekordbox forums, they might know more: