Rekordbox duplicates

I have exported all my collection to Rekordbox and it looks like instead of overwriten tags and cues, There has been created a new track.
track is in the same folder, I mean it is not a double track, there is only one archive but 2 tracks in my collection… How to solve this?

Hi there!
Did you run a Full Sync after the duplicate scan?

No. Playlist. The problem is that if iI run full I am gonna lose duplicated tracks that I want to keep in my playlists.

There is not a way to keep one track, only one, without delete the multiple times i have got it in a playlist?
I am talking about ------- Do you remember?

Yeah that is a problem… I don’t know if there is a way to save duplicate results to RB without removing those lines. A full sync is always needed because removing a duplicate means multiple playlists can be affected. Only syncing one playlist may still leave others broken.