Rekordbox issue

Hi all. I want to switch back to Serato from Rekordbox. I’ve I’mporded my collection as I’ve done many times and for some reason, it now can’t see my tracks. I was using cloud sync but also had my files stored locally. I want to get Lexicon to find tracks on my HD but it fails each time… HELP!

Maybe the HD changed drive letter? You can check what Lexicon looks for by right clicking a missing track → Edit and then at the top. Compare that with the track location on your HD.

I’m on a mac, does that matter?

Think I’ve sorted it. Thank you @Christiaan

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ok so here’s the thing, at the moment Lexicon pulls in the playlists and folders from rekordbox, what it’s doing is using the files from my Dropbox and I want it to read my other external HD (with a copy the same files on it). how do I tell it to use those files not the ones in the Dropbox

You have to change the locations where Lexicon looks for your tracks. It’s best to use the Find Lost Tracks utility for that (top menu bar).

So if your old location is for example /Volumes/username/Dropbox/Music/something.mp3 and the new one is /Volumes/My External Drive/Music/something.mp3 then in Find Lost Tracks you can use this:

Source location: /Volumes/username/Dropbox/
Target location: /Volumes/My External Drive/

It’s basically doing a find-replace. Use your own username of course.