Rekordbox Mobile App Questions

Rekordbox Mobile App Questions:
I’ve synchronized my LXC Database to Rekordbox.
When I use and sync the Pioneer mobile app on my phone, my hot cue’s, key and genre are missing. Partly also the artist.
All tracks are properly tagged.
I don’t use Pioneer Cloud Sync.
I then created a new playlist in RB and a new genre for one track. This playlist is now displayed with the correct genre.
I’ve also noticed that when I analyze an existing track in RB, the Hot Cue’s are suddenly displayed for this track.
Is it possible that the mobile app does not work with imported data from LXC, but only with data generated in RB itself?

Did you sync your Lexicon to RB before sending your tracks to the RB mobile app?
If your library in RB is up to date then I expect your RB mobile app to be updated too, after sending your playlists there.

I completely deleted and reinstalled RB and the mobile app yesterday.
Then imported the LXC library then performed with RB analysis only with phrase and then synced to the mobile app.
Not a single playlist can be seen in the mobile app and the tracks are missing key, genre and artist.
The only tags visible are Rating, Color, BPM, Comment and Trackname.
The tracks can be seen in the collection, but the playlists are completely missing.

New realization:
As soon as I create my own playlist in RB, all LXC playlists suddenly appear in the mobile app.
However, only tracks in the smart playlists are displayed. The simple playlists appear - but without the associated tracks.
All very strange…

I can’t say I’ve really dug into the RB mobile app, so it could very well be that there is some kind of incompatibility with Lexicon, although I would think that if the playlist works in RB then it should work in the mobile app too. So not sure it’s something I can fix.

The only thing I can do take a look in the mobile app and try to reproduce this issue, but it’s not really top priority at the moment. There are a few other big things that I need to get done.

OK, I understud

Hello Christian,
when do you think you can address the Pioneer Mobile App issue?

Not very soon, I have a lot of other more important things