Rekordbox "No Colour" Option - A few issues

Lexicon version: Latest Version (As of 31 May 2022)
Operating system: Mac

Bug description:

Rekordbox allows users to input a No-Colour option for smart playlists, which seems to sync incorrectly with Lexicon, and in turn causes another odd bug.

This could be caused RB itself and therefore be unfixable… RB also seems to forget the “No Colour” text. See screenshot A vs Screenshot B when you re-open the same window. The smart playlists still work of course but I find it odd that the text doesn’t remain.

Anyway when you sync any playlist with the ‘No Colour’ option into LXC, it also still works but syncs in this bugged state where the playlist returns an error if you try and change any settings in LXC. (See screenshots C/D). Then when you sync back to RB, it syncs back as a playlist instead of smartplaylist.

This normally wouldn’t be an issue, however interestingly it also causes another bug inside RB.

Inside of RB the playlists following any with "no colour’, have all of their smartplaylist options shuffled up one. This is a really odd bug because even though the LXC playlists have their proper colours, in RB the options are all shuffled upwards, but titles remain the same. Fixing it in RB and then re-syncing back and forth returns them to their incorrect states. See screenshot D of what the correct smartlist looks like in LXC, and then screenshot E the same smartplaylist’s options being ‘moved’ up one.

Screenshot F has an example folder, where now “1 - Ambient/Instrumental” has the original text but smartplaylist options from “2 - Foot Tapping” and so on… Up until the last one in the folder which now has no colour options at all.

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Have smartplaylist in Rekordbox with the “No Colour” option
  2. Sync this to LXC
  3. Sync back to RB - Smartplaylist is now a playlist, all others below have their options shuffled up.


A: Smart playlist when creating in RB:

B: Smart playlist after closing the window and opening again, in RB:

C: Opening the smartlist in LXC:

D: Smartlist in LXC returning an error when you try and click save, must click cancel:

E: Smartlists being correct in LXC:

E: Smartplaylists syncing back to Rekordbox incorrectly:

F: Folder that contains the respective smartplaylists/lists so you can see order and how they are moved up:

Screenshot 2022-05-31 at 13.59.32

Thanks for reporting this.

I think the “no color” import is an easy fix. It should be “Color does not exist” in LXC rather than an empty color.

The colors moving up… I’ll have to test that, that is a weirder bug. I can’t say right now if that is a LXC or RB bug, but I’ll find out.

Okay, this will all be fixed in the next release, probably today or tomorrow. The color moving up was a bug in the RB exporter in LXC.

The missing “no color” text is a RB bug.


Thanks for the speedy response and fixes!

I have also been noticing a bug where the first beat of the bar has been moving around on some songs, both backwards and forwards, seemingly by irregular amounts too. On Friday I gridded and locked about 300 tunes in RB, then imported them into LXC to add hotcues. There was maybe 10-15% of these that imported with the LXC grid in the incorrect place.

Can’t seem to intentionally replicate it though unfortunately. And the files are all AIFF so not a beadgridding issue like what happens with the mp3 files.

Did you run the Beatshift Correction utility? Might be that these AIFF files are not scanned properly yet. The focus was on MP3 since those are most used and the beatshift problem is quite complex to figure out.

I have but doesnt seem to affect it, will keep digging and see if I can cause it again/spot it. Looking at some of the affected tunes I have found, its one full beat before/after it should be most of the time.

These were all in the correct position, on where the start cue is. Not the end of the world but a bug.

First beat moved earlier:

First beat moved later:

I have found another bug too, carry on in this thread?

Easier to make a new thread please

If you delete these affected tracks from RB and LXC, then add to LXC again and analyze. Are the cues still off by 1 beat?
Being off by exactly 1 beat is strange, not a beatshift issue then

Narrowed it down a little bit.

Bug occurs somewhere when syncing from RB to LXC. I have just done the following:

  1. Fixed songs in LXC
  2. Synced to RB, they are now fixed in RB too.
  3. Synced back to LXC, and the songs are now exactly 1 beat off again.

However (:sweat_smile:) Now all of the songs have their first beat moved later. I’m using the same songs as above, and instead of moving earlier they moved 1 beat later. Super odd.

Gonna delete the tracks and re-analyse. See if that changes/fixes it.

Bearclaw moving later instead of earlier:

Okay, let me know. If it doesn’t fix it, can you send an exact step by step with screenshots? And the Bearclaw track so I can reproduce it exactly here

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