Rekordbox playlist count is not correct

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Lexicon version: 1.1.15
Operating system: Mac (remove one)

Bug description:
I have a “smart” playlist in rekordbox containing 40,747 tracks, i.e. my full collection minus tracks that are more than 20 minutes long and a few other exclusions.

I also have a duplicate of this smart playlist, as a regular playlist in rekordbox containing the same number of tracks.

When I do a full RB6 import into Lexicon, the app reports a few hundred fewer tracks in the smart list and a completely different number of tracks in the regular list, still less than the actual count as reported by rekordbox.

Step by step to reproduce:

Full RB6 import.

Any ideas?

It could be some duplicates that Lexicon drops on import.
For example, Rekordbox allows both these:

Notice the double slash.

It’s the same file, but Rekordbox allows them both and they will appear as 2 tracks. Lexicon doesn’t allow that and drops the second one it encounters.
That’s a common cause for slight differences in track numbers.

I can tell you more about this if you know one of the tracks that has gone missing. If you find one, search for it in your Rekordbox and chances are you’ll find another one.

Ahh right ok, looks like I need a lexicon subscription to find duplicates, there must be a few!

Thanks for your quick reply!

Well those particular duplicates (where is is the identical file in the identical place) are already removed from Lexicon the moment you imported.
But you might still have many other duplicates that have different files.

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