Rekordbox Playlist Makes all filenames lower case so they appear as missing in lexicon

Hi, I recently updated record box and started using their cloud backup service.
Not sure this is why all my Rekordbox playlists I imported into Lexicon are now with all LOWER CASE filenames. But Lexicon just thinks teh files are missing.

Is there a way to lower lexicons Filename Case sensitivity when matching songs?
Is there a way anybody knows to stop Rekordbox turning all the filenames into lower case and in some cases removing spaces in the folder Names!

Never heard of Rekordbox doing that, but there is a way to fix it.

If you add all the files to Lexicon (so you have both the missing files and the working files), then you can run the duplicate scanner (top menu bar → Utility → Find Duplicates). The duplicate results should be (mostly) good by default, since it will prefer the non-missing files of the missing files.

Yes that’s what I thought, its really odd. I will send a screen shot.

I have close to 30k songs I don’t really want to have to go through each individually to check which duplicate to keep… It’s really odd.

This is the 3rd time I have to start from scratch and was all great until I merged record box and serato playlists in to lexicon. For some reason I then get a ton of missing files appear. This time I noticed all record box files were lower case. It has to be something to do with Rekordbox cloud play and storage. That’s teh only thing that changes this time.

Could be… Rekordbox cloud sync does do things with your files, I’m not sure what exactly it does though.

You won’t need to go through all files by hand, the default choices that the duplicate scanner makes should already be good. You can safely accept those results and then check in Lexicon if that is all good. Then use Archive Cleanup to get rid of the old files.

Only Sync when tracks and playlists in Lexicon are good and no longer missing.