Rekordbox Re-Alalysing All Tracks following a Sync

Hi there…

So my main goal with Lexicon was to clean up some of the files using the smart fixes, I pretty much used most of them, removing URLs, junk characters, Number prefix etc and extract artist from title. I’d also done a clean import of the RB6 library. So I ran all the tools and felt brave enough to sync back. Upon opening Rekordbox, I was promted with the analysis pop-up and clicked okay. Why woudl it want to analyse all tracks? Its still going, been a couple of hours now. Only have 7800 tracks. Why would it do this? Its got to be some thing that Lexicon has done, never seen this. Finding it difficult to trust this application… All files are still there as are playlists.

Any ideas??

This is something that happens sometimes, I don’t know why yet. I’ve noticed it too but have not yet been able to understand the exact reason.

If you notice that happens every time for you, you might be able to send me your Rekordbox database and hopefully I can reproduce the problem here. Might help me get closer to solving that one.