Rekordbox recommended workflow

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Using Lexicon for library management… first step was to use it to remove duplicates so I have one version of a track in a source folder rather than the same version in multiple. So far so good…

1, Now I’ve added new tracks and created new playlists in RB, what am I supposed to do? Re-import the library…? The sync page only has sync back to Rekordbox…

2, Next is to use the smart fixes to clean up the files I wish to keep. Assuming that’s where I use sync back to rekordbox so it over rights the data in RB from the changes made in Lexicon?


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Yep, always use Sync after making changes in Lexicon so they appear in RB.

If you add tracks/playlists to RB and you want to see those in Lexicon, then you can import them from RB. Make sure to keep the Merge option enabled and your tracks/playlists will only get added/updated. Nothing will be removed then.

The main thing for the recommended workflow is use Lexicon as your primary library management tool, whenever possible. You can always import tracks from RB, but it’s easiest to directly add them to Lexicon so you never really need to use import anymore. You do need to use Sync a lot, that’s the normal way.

Check out this article on the Lexicon workflow: The Lexicon Workflow | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

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Okay, I did that and on one occasion, it had more tracks in lexicon that in my RB collection. I do find it inconsistent. Went to reset it and also deleted the DB files so I could start again with a clean import. However now it just imports the tracks and not the playlists for some annoying reason so if I want to finish my dupe check, I now don’t trust that it will re-map whatever version of a track I leave behind to the playlist should it not be the original source track of the playlist. I want to love this product but it seems a bit inconsistent…

If you want a clean import, be sure to uncheck the Merge option. Then it will delete all tracks and playlists prior to importing.

With Merge enabled and also the Only new tracks & playlists then it won’t update existing playlists. So if you left the old playlists there, then that would explain why they would stay empty.

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