Related/Matching Tracks Feature

I am considering moving from Rekordbox to Serato ( going to get some Denon SC 5000m’s to combine with my S11).
One thing i will miss dearly is the Related/Matching tracks feature in rekordbox where you are able to link two tracks that have worked well together so that next time you can easily recall in the heat of a mix/gig.
I was wondering if there could be a workaround where Lexicon does the linking of tracks for you and then you can use it in serato dj .
Basically what i am asking for is a script that can take the filename of a track and put it in the "grouping " tag of another track so that it remembers it the next time you ask for it

That doesn’t exist in Lexicon yet.
You could do extensive tagging so you can text search for tags in Serato like #House #Vocals but there is no way to link tracks to each other.

It would be an interesting feature for Lexicon but I don’t think there is a good way to translate that data into Serato since Serato has no special fields that can be used like that.

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