Reloading Comments Help! - One Tagger / lexicon

Sorry to create another thread…

Having an issue with reloading comments.

I am using One Tagger to Tag my music, These imported fine however upon trying to change these tags in One Tagger and then reloading tags inside of Lexicon the Comment Field is just appearing blank.
I’ve checked that the comment field on the properties which are being updated correctly however reloading the field in Lexicon returns a blank field.
Any ideas?

Testing this further this only appears to be occurring with the comments field. I can update any other field such as album, Composer, Rating ect in One Tagger and i am able to successfully reload the fields into Lexicon, However the comment field stays empty.


Found a workaround fix by opening the files in MP3 Tag, making no changes and resaving the files the comment fields are being repopulated when reloading tags in Lexicon,
Very Odd…

not actually fixed, certain files now have tags doubled up and mixed. Something strange going on which is hard to describe in text but im pulling my hair out

Doesnt seem to be occurring on all files either just certain ones which makes even less sense

Likely because ID3 tags are a bit… fluid… every app has different interpretations so compatibility between apps is always a bit iffy.

Can you upload a file where the comment reloads as empty?
You can upload with this link:

This is most likely a common problem, see Random Cue Points generated Serato -> Engine DJ - #7 by jayman5367

Over there it’s about cues but they work the same way as comment in ID3 tags so likely that is the case. I can check if you upload a track