Relocate feature not working

I am having issues with certain files in lexicon not loading up. The files show as missing but when I try to use relocate feature nothing happens. Also when I click on edit and I can see the size of file is 0 and duration is also 0:00.

But when I go to serato the file is fine and in my finder in my Mac plays and shows an actual size.
What is going on here?

Can you check what the full location of that same track is in Serato? There must be a difference

I checked the location and its the same.

Also if I go to finder and I try to drop file to play in lexicon nothing happens either? I also have the issue with several other MP3s as well. Any other suggestions? I can drop and drag the file into serato.

Also a little bit of more insight I am able to drop file and play fine in engine DJ and virtual DJ. However in Lexicon or rekordbox 6 I can’t drop file and nothing happens.

Here is a link where I made a screen recording showing problem.

Here is link below

Try dragging into the Lexicon track browser. You can’t drag to the music player if they aren’t in Lexicon yet

And the track location in Lexicon is the not the same in Serato. I don’t see “Latin Blends” folder in the track location in Lexicon

Okay I figured it out, so I found out the if the audio of the track had / then lexicon would not load it in the database even if pointed the track in the location this is video 1 showing issue with your recommendations

Okay I can’t post any my previous posts has been flagged as spam don’t know why anyways.

Just to reiterate the previous post that the track location was the same in serato in the title of the song where there is an / the song will not load weird but when I removed that the track can be added to lexicon and played.

I would send video of the bugs but I can because of the flagging as spam? if you can email me I can send you more info!

Thank you

Yeah I think the / is problematic. That’s something I can look into how to better handle that. Normally the slash is a separator between folders which causes the problem here.

Something that automatically notifies or removes the / so it properly loads into the library. I have a bunch of tracks not loading into lexicon I will check them. Now I know if name of file has some weird character might affect it in lexicon!

Thank you for being prompt and replying to my requests!

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