Relocating files

Hi Guys.

I need a little help here.

I was using Rekordbox cloud sync I have 2 copies of my music. one in a folder where I put everything and one that syncs to Dropbox.

I want to get rid of dropbo and rekordbox and move to serato.

I have uploaded to Lexicon and want it to read the tracks from the non-dropbox SSD, not the dropbox ssd.

How do I do this, everything I have tried just tells me the files are missing.

I am not 100% sure how this relocating files thing works (I’m sure its something simple)

help ! lol

This video explains relocating files: 3 ways to relocate your missing tracks in Lexicon - YouTube

Hi Christiaan,

yeah ive tried all 3 ways and they are not working

Need a bit more info on your track locations then. Where are they now, where do you want them to be? Which are missing?

Hi Take a look at this little video

Probably one of these 2 issues: Unable to relocate files, how to solve this? | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Check that please and let me know what you find or if you can’t resolve it still

ok so it looks to me like its the location already being in lexicon. so… the question is, how do I delete all the tracks and start again.

deleting everything worries me lol

I’d start by making a Lexicon backup, so you can always go back.

Then, most likely, the non-missing versions of the tracks are the ones you want to delete. Because the missing ones are the old ones and they are in your playlists. Be sure to confirm that. You can right click any track to see if they are in any playlists.

Sort the track browser by the Location column and delete the tracks that aren’t in your playlists

I Think this might have all just gone wrong
is there no way you can have a look at this for me please? it is really difficult doing it this way

right then. good news lol sort of… Ive restored from a backup from a few days ago where everything was in the Dropbox folder. so technically starting again.

Hi Please take a look at these 2 videos.

Hi @Christiaan

here is another update

Maybe your filenames have changed? I see this CD1711701 thing on the right but I don’t see it on the left

Filenames need to be the same, that is what Lexicon uses to find your files

files names are the same, thats the track name on the left

Okay so

  1. filenames are the same
  2. tracks are not in Lexicon (only the missing tracks are)

Then have you tried selecting multiple tracks → right click → Relocate and choose the folder on the right screen?

yeah that’s what ive been doing it’s the only folder with music in I just have the one on the right open to double check they are defiantly there.

Must be either of those 2 problems then. Check what filename Lexicon looks for right clicking any missing track → Edit and you can see it at the top. Make sure that matches 100% with your filenames on your computers, any tiny difference and Lexicon won’t find them