Relocating still making trouble + suggestions

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: beta.31
Operating system (remove one): Mac OSX 12.6.2
Bug description:
cant relocate tracks that come from a imported single recordbox playlist or imported m3u playlist

at first: i love it how you lexicon lets you eject external harddrives without a wisper while using lexicon that has access to the ejecting drives. Yes, then it is just offline!! I recently wrote pioneer again asking about rekordbox, how this is still necessary after years to actually block and take over literally any drive that is connected to the computer, write stuff on any hardrive that is connected. :-§%)) lexicon is real satisfying to be smart ! :-))

Step by step:

I imported a playlist from a CDJ-usb stick into the rekordbox library. the tracks were already in the library, i didnt copy them. they were offline then of course. Then I synced the rekordbox playlist with lexicon using sync - import - Rekord box 6 → playlist.
now I try to relocate the tracks on different ways, but it doesnt find them. it seems that somewhere on the way. here is a screencapture showing the same after importing a m3u playist. The files shown at the beginning of the video are linked to the usb stick.


Further Thoughts:

I just noticed that you can relink actually any offline file with any online file of the same format. that can be quite dangerous when you relink on accident. when searching for a file that can’t be found, I would suggest some options on relinking, in the:

(dropdown) show filetype: wav
(dropdown) show filetype: aif, aiff
(dropdown) show filetype: mp3
(dropdown) show filetype: …
(dropdown) show filetype: all audiofiles
(dropdown) show filetype: all files

(x) only allow file selection for files that has a name identical to the source file and extension
(x) only allow file selection for files that has a name identical to the source file, but allow linking to any extension

When selecting a regular audiofile in the library, a relink-option in the mouse context menu, or inside the the edit - window would be great. To be flexible when changing formats or repairing audio, while the files in the library with all its metadata are not touched . Feels more safe when an algorythm prevents from making stupid human mistakes on mismatching, that you might only notice after a while of using the library, and then its chaos :slight_smile: I speak from experience making films. can be one chaos! :slight_smile:

cheers henrik

Check if that Close (Original Mix).mp3 track is already in Lexicon with the path you are giving it. If so, you can’t relocate to it because it would exist twice in Lexicon

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