Removing Tags in Rekordbox 6 does not remove them from Lexicon

Lexicon version: Latest Stable Version
Operating system: Mac

Bug description: Quite simple as stated in the title, when I remove a tag from a song in Rekordbox, this removal is not synced back to Lexicon. I tried doing playlist and full sync into Lexicon with the same results. Not deleting the tag simply un-checking it in the MyTags window.

I use a variety of status tags to help when sorting through music, I.E., ‘Unprocessed’, ‘Gridded’, ‘Has Hot Cues’. So I remove the ‘Unprocessed’ tag, and assign the ‘Gridded’ tag, when I have beat gridded the song in Rekordbox. This works fine in Rekorbox itself but both tags are selected when importing to Lexicon. I have a smart playlist to pick up songs that have both tags, but of course this happens in other use cases too.

I.E. Removing a song from a genre/removing a Detail tag. You couldn’t make a smart playlist to pick this up so these will get synced back to Rekordbox with the tag I removed syncing back too.

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Remove tag in Rekordbox
  2. Sync to Lexicon
  3. Tag still exists so I have to:
  • Remove tag again in Lexicon
  • Or if I forget to remove the tag/cannot remember which tags were removed on which songs, it gets synced back to Rekordbox again.

I understand I could do all of my tag removal inside of Lexicon, and I wouldn’t have this problem. But I often use the Rekordbox mobile app to organise my library while out and about, so am removing tags away from my computer.

Well it doesn’t remove the tag in LXC because that might not be what you want. In this case, you want to mirror LXC with your RB.
But another user might want to use LXC with multiple DJ apps so removing a tag in RB does not mean that it should be removed from LXC.

I think you’re kind of using LXC from the wrong perspective here, the idea is that you use LXC to manage then sync to RB and not the other way around.

This isn’t something I can change. There will be a mobile app later this year so maybe that will resolve it for you.

Yeah, that’s an understandable conundrum, no worries then if you can’t change it.

I’m doing syncing back and forth to try and figure out why my smartlist numbers aren’t matching up, I have been using rekordbox only for a little while.

The tags seem to be the reason for this. For example my ‘Unprocessed’ smartlist inside of LXC has 3452 tracks, but inside of Rekordbox the same smart ‘Unprocessed’ playlist has 3120 tracks.

I tried importing to a completely new libary, so not merging with the old one but Lexicon still remembers which songs used to have the ‘Unprocessed’ tag. They do not have the tag in Rekordbox but it’s still there, even in a new libary. I find this quite confusing, is the tag data written to the song file then?

Removing the tags in Lexicon is fine, but if I import from rekordbox again it re-applies the removed tags again. The only solution is to sync the songs with errors back and forth, and then problem solved. Here’s my workaround:

  1. Notice a tag has been re-applied in Lexicon
  2. Move that song (songs) to a playlist
  3. Remove the tag in question
  4. Sync playlist to RB
  5. Sync playlist back to lexicon

Now the tags are the same in both.

The main bug here is that I’m not sure where Lexicon is getting the data from, maybe this is something to check? If the song doesn’t have the tag in Rekordbox, and I’m importing to a new library, why would the removed tags still exist. Very confusing :sweat_smile:

I think if you have the Merge option enabled, it will remember the tags. Maybe it shouldn’t…

Thinking about it now, it should update any fields that are imported. So if the track has tags, the LXC track after a merge import should have the same tags after that.
I’ll take a look if it is doing that! I’ll get back to you.

Thanks, sounds good :slight_smile:

Take a look at what I’m gonna call ‘Phantom’ Tags too. Seems like RB stores tag data even after it’s been removed. For example yesterday I was testing something in RB.

  1. Created a few MyTags for ‘Energy (X)’
  2. Gave these tags to a few tracks
  3. My idea didn’t work so I un-tagged these songs, and then deleted all of the ‘Energy’ tags.

Later on when I did a full import into LXC, with merging etc. These tags were added back to my LXC tag list, and added back to the songs.

Since these tags were deleted inside of RB, it seems like deleted/removed tags linger around in the RB files for a period of time. Not exactly an issue because I just deleted them again, but just so you know.

Thanks, I’ll look into that too. I think it has to do with RB keeping deleted stuff for a while, probably for syncing purposes. I’m seeing similar things in multiple places from RB.

I have fixed both these issues, they will be in the new beta build coming next week. Keep an eye on the #beta channel on Discord to get it.

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