Report error exporting from traktor to rekordbox 5&6. Files not added to playlist

report says : Warning: 2 track(s) were not added to playlist “playlitsX”.
The problem is not just that, but the entire playlist is not there, so no export AT ALL.
It happened with another playlist too. tried different ways, nothing seems to work.
I have a gig tomorrow and I feel this software has brought more headaches than solutions so far.
Let’s see if someone can help me over here

Thanks in advance.

Hi there!
Is this happening when you import from Traktor? So the playlists appear empty in Lexicon?

I’m importing from traktor using the collection.nml file.
I’m exporting a folder that contains several playlists .
the error happens only in 1 of the playlists and the en result is that specific playlist containing the problematic track is discarded by the sofware.
ALso, it would be helpful to understand why a track is not being exported

Okay but just to confirm, the playlists and tracks are correct in Lexicon?

So the problem happens when exporting to Rekordbox?
Have you tried using the unofficial method instead of the XML?

Normally tracks should not get dropped on export (can happen but in odd situations). Tracks getting dropped on import happens more often.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
What’s the unofficial way?

You can select it on the sync page in the dropdown:

I don’t use Rekordbox 6, I’m back to 5.
What other option do I have?

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.

And can you tell me what the playlist is called that has this problem? Then I can test it here.