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Would it be possible to make a smart fix, which with you can export the “feat. …” artist to the title? Also it could be possible to do the same way from title to artist.

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It would the duplicate scanner a lot to recognize more title.

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not that I know

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not really, I would have to rename all artists with the artist cleanup - that would mean around 20.000 artists

Just asking - no basd feelings :)!

I don’t think that is a good idea because it would make results worse for the duplicate scanner. The scanner already takes things like “feat.” into consideration when it is part of the artist field. The title field should not contain any artist really.

Do you have an example where the scanner is not picking up your duplicates?

Hi okay then the other way round would be great. I have at least 50-100 duplicates, if I just look at my most common playlists. The reason is that my tracks have sometimes “Title feat. XX” or they have “Artist feat. xx”. Some even have both. Then also I have “feat”, “feat.” and “featuring”, which makes it more complicated. I always realize how many duplicates I actually still got, when I use the track matcher. I got some songs 6 times in the same Version, but because of those problems with “feat” and also because sometimes more then one artist is inside, Lexicon isn’t recognizing them as duplicates. I know it’s not the fault of Lexicon, it’s because I own some tracks sind more than 20 years and the notation changed a lot.

Do you have any other ideas to improve this? I thought some feat. autofixes would help at least to have clear artis or tilte names.

Good example:

Its actually 3 different songs which I got 6 times in 6 connotations. :frowning:

Yeah that is a bit problematic but there are ways to solve that. How much of that extra title info do you want to keep? You could use the Split Field recipe to remove anything after the first (.

As for the artist, I think most of those would then be recognized as duplicates except for the top 2 since they are missing an artist. Be sure to increase the Tag Search Tolerance option until you get the desired results, and go through all results because higher tolerance means more false positives.

ok thank you! I will try that :)!