Retaining Platinum Notes and Mixed in Key Key and BPM etc

Can anybody help, it seems that tracks come into Lexicon without any BPM or KEYs despite all being analysed by PN and MIK.

Is there a way to stop Lexicon trying to change things that have been adjusted by PN and MIK

Where do you tracks come from? Are you importing from a DJ app or dragging them into Lexicon?

I use iTunes/Music OSX 12.3.1 (21E258) and just since them from there, I was wondering it was itunes stripping the info so I imported directly from teh drive with a test file fresh from PN and had the same issue.

So just to make sure we are talking about the same thing. You have an MP3 file that was put through MIK and PN and you drag it into Lexicon, but then Lexicon does not use the previously set BPM and key?

BPM is not something that is taken from MIK because there is more information needed for a beatgrid than just BPM (first starting beat) so Lexicon automatically generates that.
But Key should be taken from files and Lexicon does not overwrite that unless you explicitly tell it to in the Analyze popup.

One thing I think might be it is that MIK writes Key in different ways so maybe this is one way that Lexicon does not yet pick up. Can you upload a problematic file with this link? I’ll test it here

HI, its all teh files to be honest, the only ones i have noticed that retain original key detected by software outside lexicon is tracks manually relocated. (I have had no joy using auto locate at all) it find s nothing. individually is pretty good, and for Manual. I am still a bit flummoxed as to what the difference is between source and target file destination strings. not sure what is going o do, so just leave it for now.

But yes we are talking about the same thing. I get open key instead of Camelot, which I understand the reason behind, just wish it would not change it to open key… Although I might as well start using open key I suppose… not a lot different

There are examples how to use the Find Lost Tracks utility in Manual Mode in this blog post.

Basically your “source” is the location that is in your Lexicon right now and that may point to a location that does not exist. Your “target” is the new location after replacing a section in the location and that should point to a track on your computer.

A source could be /Users/chris/Music/something.mp3 but it does not exist. Using Manual Mode you could change /Music/ to /DJ Files/ so the result will be /Users/chris/DJ Files/something.mp3 which should then exist on your computer.
Find Lost Tracks on Manual Mode is basically a fancy find & replace tool.

Hi, thanks fro that, I understood that much, my worry is the number of different sources listed and targets listed. its not immediately obvious if it will just bang all into the source as once big list of songs or if it will, keep the current album/artist iTunes structure

You can see a preview of the results on the right side so there you should be able to see that the structure will be kept.
Artist/album is very specific so the Find Lost Files utility on Manual Mode won’t just change that. It’s really meant for the more top level folders like a username, drive letter or Music folder.