Retaining the Camelot keys when imorting from serato and exporting to Rekordbox 6

I lose my camelot keys when I import from serato and then export back Rekordbox 6.
PLease help I need to know how I can retain my camelot keys when importing and most important when exporting to Rekordbox 6.

If you keep the key setting on the sync page on “Original” then it should export the same keys that you imported. So if they were camelot, it should also export camelot.

The only thing I can think of that might happen if you’re seeing empty keys, is that they are “deleted” by RB internally. To find out I’d have to check your RB database.

I need to keep my camelot key data when importing to Lexicon from Serato and then ALSO keep that data when exporting to REkordbox 6 , so both DJ software have the same key information. For me Camelot Keys are a must to have. can you help?
I managed to sometimes get the information over and sometimes not by playing around with imprt functions on Lexicon. Now I need to import all music and transfer all music to rekordbox, even overwrite some playlists that have original keys and open keys that I did by error, so everything is in Camelot key structure. How do I do this?