Reverse "Mark as incoming"

Hello and thanks for a great piece of software!

Is there any way to reverse “Mark as incoming” to remove it from the incoming list without any changes made?

I’m currently in the process of going through my existing music collection and updating metadata, tags etc. I’ve used the recipe “Mark as incoming” for all my files and reviewing them individually. In some cases I’m completely happy with everything about the file and would simply like to untick it from incoming without any processing to the file. When I choose “Selected done” from the Incoming page I’m currently manually changing the Target folder and Renaming options in order to reflect no changes which is quite cumbersome for a large library. Is there any faster way to do this?

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Not at the moment, but just disabling the Target Folder should allow you to click All Done without any changes to your files.
Watch Folder does nothing when pressing Done so is safe to keep as-is and Subfolder Patterns and Filename Pattern are only in effect when there is a Target Folder set up, so no need to clear those.

If you’re using the beta, you also have to uncheck Rename Files.

Good to know. Thanks for the quick reply!