Rewriting cue points

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I spent several hours working on the cue points. I load them onto my other laptop which does not have Lexicon on it, they’re fine. Load the through Lexicon and the cue points are rearranged and with different colours

Can you give me a bit more info? Where are you seeing cues rearranged, is that in Lexicon or in a DJ app? Screenshots will help a lot

Hello Christiaan,
The cues are rearranged and revert to the default colours in Serato eg the first cue point is red I change them to green. I have already gone in and redone the cues so no screenshot.


What kind of filetype do you use? MP3 or something else?
And did the time of the cue also change or only the color?

The files are mp3. The time and colour.

Could it be that they are old cues? I’ve seen a report where Lexicon writes cues, but Serato is still seeing old cues that were set in Serato before that.
Or are these cues totally foreign to you?

The cues were the original unedited cues set in Mixed In Key for Serato

Yeah I was afraid of that. MIK writes the cues so Serato can read them but does so in a way that they can reappear like that, even when overwriting them. It’s a strange issue and I don’t have a complete solution for it yet

If memory serves the app did not do this prior to a recent update

Can you check if the problem occurs with version 1.5.1? We can try going back further too, before any MIK support was added. Might be related to that.



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