Right Click menu - Add more options

Can you add more things to the menu.


Add the following:

  1. Below archive can you add Mark as Incoming

  2. Clear Cue points

  3. Add to Playlist

  4. Rename File (based on file rename pattern)

  5. Reset track (Play count to 0, rating, etc…)

  6. TBD :slight_smile:

No sorry, the right click menu is prime real estate, it can’t have every option there is.

Can it have a sub menu like “USE”?

Nope sorry… Right click menu will almost never change

Can it have at least: Mark as Incoming

Sorry but that’s workflow specific to you, so it would mean all other users have a button that they don’t use. That’s why only very important things go in the right click menu. You don’t want lots of buttons in there that you don’t use … Would get super confusing and hard to find anything