Right click track options are greyed out

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Lexicon version: …
Operating system (remove one): Windows / Mac

Windows 11

Bug description:

Sometimes some things are greyed out

Step by step to reproduce:

Right click a track

Workaround - restart lexicon


After restarting lexicon

Yeah I’ve seen this before on the beta, definitely a new bug… But I don’t know how to reproduce it yet. Any idea?

So far, I have noticed it after adding new tracks.

Incoming tracks feature is enabled.

BTW is there an option on Windows to close Lexicon with the X instead of it minimizing to the tray.

Okay, if you manage to reproduce 100% then let me know. I haven’t been able yet :confused: Pesky bug

No, there is no such option. It goes to the tray so you can keep playing music in the background

Will be fixed in next beta

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