Save to Spotify playlist creates empty Playlist

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Lexicon version: 1.3.14
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description: Save to Spotify playlist creates empty Playlist on Spotify

Step by step to reproduce:
1 Using the Track Matcher, uploaded the spotify playlist link
2 Use the Find tracks function
3 “Not Found” list created

All good at this point
4 Push “Save to Spotify playlist”
5 Playlist is created in my Spotify account but empty, without any song from the Not Found List.

Can you try removing Lexicon access here?

Then try saving again (might need to do it twice)

Already tried that and even does de access to Spotify is created and the playlist is created its empty

Maybe related to language… I think the tracks are from the US Spotify so maybe they don’t exist in your Spotify

Can you try changing your country?

They do. I’ve already made lots of playlists from the “not found” folder using this system before.

Thanks for the fast answer btw :slight_smile: .
Think the problem is when the spotify web page tries to connect with Lexicon. Cause when I click accept and it redirects me to Lexicon there is no response in Lexicon. Sometimes it says that the connection couldn’t be made even if it create the playlist.

That would be odd because making the playlist does work, so I think connecting to Spotify isn’t the problem. I don’t really know why it would fail on adding the tracks.

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. Maybe I can see something there.

And which playlist did you try to send to spotify? I’ll try the same playlist here

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