"Search All Fields" feature would be helpful

A Search Box that would Search All Fields for keywords. Sometimes when I’m looking for a song I can only remember a bit of the Title or Artist, & I have not managed to get all tags for my 40,000+ tracks in my library perfected, sometimes I have artists & Title all together in the Title field, it would be helpful to be able to just type in a keyword and have it search everything. This seems to be how most DJ software search functions work.

Also, having a little bit more leeway in searches would help too, sometimes punctuation in the Tag yields no results, for example if I search “Ke$ha” it will not find “Kesha”, or if I search “N Sync” it will not find “*NSync”, “N’Sync” etc. I realize if I were to standardize all my tracks this would help but again having a huge library with a variety of formatting of tags over the years there is a lot of discrepancies.

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Searching all fields is slow, especially when also taking typos into account. There used to be a search all field in Lexicon but it takes a lot of memory, startup time and it was problematic when you want to search specifically only in a certain field like Title.

So I’m quite happy with the current search system so not looking to change that at all. But that said, a search button somewhere in the top menu bar could be an idea. It wouldn’t be an instant search so it would be slow compared to the current searches but might be helpful in some situations.

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Thanks for the reply, I’m sure as I continue to work on getting my library in shape it will get better, and seeing as how I gig in Rekordbox which has this style of search it doesn’t really affect my gigs when I’m searching for a track by keyword on the fly.

Can you allow us to pick the field to search all.
I want to hit Ctrl + F and search only the title, artist, comment fields.
Default it only searches title field.


Could we have the search button and pick the fields to search like in Serato.
With the warning " the more field the slower it will be"

No, the global search searches everything. If you want a more specific search, you have to filter in the track browser headers

Where is the global search located?

In the top menu bar → Edit → Find

I was just gonna ask for this?

Why is it hidden under another menu though?

Not sure where else it should be. Standard CTRL+F shortcut works so I think it’s intuitive

I feel it should be forefront

The way it is in most software

Like above the rest of the search

Well I don’t disagree with that but there are already a few ways to search (column headers) and I don’t really want to add more input fields

Can we have the ability to search all columns?
I tried YEAR and I couldn’t.

The global search isn’t very user friendly.
I need to search globally but leave the results so I can pick things out and add them to a playlist. Right click and add to playlist (list of all the playlist I have).

Why not just put the year in the column filter at the top?

it’s locked for me.

A mouse over doesn’t give me the search link the artist column as shown.

Make it a bit wider

That worked!!! Thank you.

Can it be “contains” and not “is”
I was searching for the year 1990’s. so I thought typing in 199 would give me everything the has 199 in it. Or maybe starts with…


Like how Genre is a contains " R&B"


Number columns and text column are different, see Track Browser | Lexicon - DJ Library Management