Search not finding tracks

Lexicon version: 1.4.0
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description: When searching from a section heading (not using ctrl+f) if you type words out of order or missing part of the title it doesn’t show the tracks.

Step by step to reproduce: Looking for the song “Raise Your Glass” by Pink.

Search “Raise Glass” (Without quotes) and nothing comes up.


That’s normal, it does not search each word separately but it searches for the entire thing

I understand that’s how it works. Maybe we can submit a request to change that behavior?

There are times where I don’t remember the full song title, or only remember parts of it and it would be useful to be able to search it as such. I know I can ctrl+f and search that way, but the searching behavior is inconsistent between searching from the heading vs ctrl+f.

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You can use a smartlist for more specific behavior.

But I don’t really want to change how the quick filters work now

Chris makes a great point here.

Perhaps you could consider using operators like “+” or “*” to concatenate your search terms?

In Virtual DJ, you can search for anything, which is extremely helpful in finding tracks, especially when you have a collection of 45,000 tracks with imperfect tags.

By the way, Lexicon has been a fantastic solution for improving the tagging.

It would be a fantastic addition. Thank you!

+1 over here. no one can remember the exact titles and versions. smart list is too clumsy (clutter) and time consuming

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