Serato 3.0 Stems+LXC

Hello Christian,
The new Final Serato 3.0 with Stems will be released shortly.
If I read correctly, Serato analyzes the tracks separately for Stem’s use and creates 4 tracks per track in a new crate.
Do you already have an idea how LXC handles this?
They are actually unimportant for the import to LXC. Since not inconsiderable amounts of data also start here, a function that excludes the stems during a full import from Serato would make sense, right?
The function is well described in this link:

Ah, I’m wrong
Only an additional folder “Stems” appears in Serato.
Of course, this must also be backed up, otherwise this folder would be missing when you re-import it.
Since only file references and not the files themselves are backed up.
The increased storage space requirement only occurs on the SSD for the files to which the Stems function is applied - but that’s not relevant for LXC, right?

I haven’t look into stems at all yet but if Serato creates a Stems folder then it is completely safe since Lexicon won’t touch it.
I don’t think the storage requirement is relevant.

I’ll run the beta in a bit and see if anything strange pops up. If you notice anything odd, please let me know.

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Short feedback:
Serato 3.0 import and export works fine.
The Stems folder is not imported and is not changed when exporting to Serato.

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Great, thanks for letting me know