Serato Crates Not Importing to Lexicon

Latest Lexicon version - downloaded today!
Operating system: Mac

I have many crates in Serato. When I import to Lexicon, only a handful of (really old) crates appears in Lexicon.

Step by step to reproduce:

  • Go to Sync on Lexicon
  • Select Serato Library
  • Select Import Tracks and Playlists

It seems to have only copied some of the crates from a sub-crate of really old mixes

Can you check your Music/_Serato_/Subcrates folder and if that matches the crates in your Serato? Seems that maybe you have a Serato folder in a different location and this one (which is the normal location) has old crates

I have another folder:

Music >ScratchLIVE>Subcrates

How do I merge these safely?

What Serato version are you on?

You can rename/backup the Music/_Serato_ (since it has old crates, I don’t think this folder is in use at all) and then follow this guide:

Thanks Christiaan. I shall give that a go and let you know how I get on.

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