Serato Crates not loading anymore

I loaded Lexicon and was able to search and sync the music list to my serato.
I went into my Serato and noticed that all my crates are not loading anymore and only the Lexicon crates are loaded.
I checked the external drive, all my crates and subcrates are still showing but they are not loading.



What do you mean “not loading”? Can you show me a screenshot of the situation?

Good morning,

I will send some screen shots later today when I’m done work.

All my crates and substrates built for each genre is now missing. Before when I loaded up Serato they would all load and show. With using the Lexicon, they don’t show.

I’ll get the screen shots to you later today.


Okay, as long as your playlists are still correct in Lexicon then we should be able to get it all back. Or we can restore a backup. But important not to try things too much now.

Making a Lexicon backup now is a good idea too (Backup menu at the top).

Hi Christiaan,

Here is the screen shots of my drive and Serato.
As mentioned all my crates and subcrates used to show but now they are not there.



I think you might have done a Sync to Serato with an empty Lexicon? That should delete your crates since Lexicon doesn’t have any. It does warn for this though.

You can restore your crates from a zip file in the Lexicon folder in your screenshot. Put the contents in the _Serato_ folder and overwrite the existing files, should give you your crates back.

Then when you start Lexicon, do an import first. Go to the Sync page and press Import tracks & playlists


Thank you,

What you provided worked.
However now all my subcrates are mixed up and out of place.

Do you know how I can fix this?

I haven’t used the lexicon yet till I get this crate issue sorted out.



So I was able to go through each of the crates and organize them back.

Now I want to continue using the Lexicon but can you walk me step by step on what to do so that I mess up my crates again.

The Lexicon tool is really mind blowing and it will help with certain genres. I’m already introducing people to in here in Toronto but I just want to make sure I am doing it correctly to so others how it works.

Thank you.

First you have to import your library, see the first half of this video: Convert your Serato DJ library to Rekordbox - YouTube
You can turn off the Merge option, so you will start with a fresh Lexicon library again.

Once you’ve made changed in Lexicon, all you have to do is a sync to Serato. Either a Full Sync or Playlist Sync, see the second half of that video.

Now normally all your changes in Lexicon will be sent to Serato and it should all be there.