Serato DJ Pro import to Lexicon missing tracks in playlists

Good day. So after I did the import tracks and playlist and the find duplicates, tracks are missing from playlist/Crates in Serato. Some crates are completely empty. I see there was a fix for VDJ but do not see one for Serato. I hope you can help as I have a number of important custom crates that I can not create back.

Did you do a Full Sync to Serato?

I assume your playlists are correct in Lexicon? Just after sync, they are empty in Serato?

Its actually the opposite. Its correct in Serato and missing in Lexicon. I just did a new import without merge and its in sync with the Serato now. Not sure why it went missing. Serato still stayed the same thank god for some reason.

Okay cool :+1: Maybe the drive was disconnected or something, that would skip those crates