Serato export via LXC to RB6 Questions

how stable/reliable is the export to RB6 in the beta variant?
What is the difference to the 5/6 export variant?

I use Serato as my main database. But I have to use RB6 occasionally and would like to have the same data status on both.
I noticed that smartlists from Serato are not carried over to RB6 at all (even if only one sorting parameter is set) They just appear as normal playlists.
Does this work more reliably with the RB6 Beta?
What am I doing wrong or do I have to consider?

Many Thanks

I have some questions about smartlist in RB6:
According to the help file, smartlists are very poorly supported in RB6.
Will there be the same scope there as with Serato smartlists in the near future?
It works great with Serato!

Which export function should you use for RB6? The Beta or XLM Export?
What is the difference/limitations?

above post moved into this discussion as both are related and doesn’t require 2 open threads

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The manual has a lot of relevant information: Rekordbox | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

And Smartlists | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Both pages talk about limitations you are interested in.

I’m not sure what you mean by “scope” in your second post. RB smartlists are supported as much as is possible. They are only turned into normal playlists when an unsupported rule is used.

Thanks for the Infos- now with RB6 Beta Export it woks fine. All smart crates are there.