Serato Song Colors randomly changing after syncing form lexicon to Serato

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Lexicon version: 1.1.19
Mac Os High Sierra; highest Version

Bug description:
After syncing my crates form lexicon to Serato the colors of random tracks are changing when loaded in the deck- thats not at every track

Step by step to reproduce:
Syncing crates to lexicon, syncing crates back to Serato
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Can you make a quick video of this? Not seen this before yet

Yeah sure:

That has happened to many others, but i already changed the color to neutral! unfortunately this happens randomly

What color does that track have in Lexicon?

i don’t know. how can this be seen? it has to be no color since in Serato it didn’t have one bevor uploading the crates in lexicon…

There is a color column you can enable in Lexicon

there is no color in lexicon

Can you upload that track you showed in your video? I’ll test it here. You can upload with this link

Can you also upload your Lexicon database? From the Help menu at the top.

With both that I can probably find the problem.


found more and all have no color in lexicon!

Perfect, thanks. I think I found the problem. There will be a fix in the next update (probably next few days). All you have to do is another sync, and then it should not do the random color thing anymore.

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im interested, what causes this problem? :slight_smile:

Apparently the lack of a color on a Serato track makes Serato give it a random color, so now it will assign the default color instead

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hei, at my last gig yesterday i recognized that a bunch of tracks were missing in my crates. that sucks…

There is currently a bug where tracks with a colon : in their folder/filename may get ignored on sync. Maybe that is happening? Will be fixed in the update coming next few days

Sorry that happened :frowning:

hei, used the sync mode and its still changing the color. but not in a random color. ist the grey color tag

Yeah I had to change it to grey to stop it from happening, although in my Serato I don’t see a difference between the grey and no color

I think this is because the hex code that Lexion creates is not the same as what Serato interprets, causing an error. In SDJ there is a specific color palette.

It does use the same color, at least in my Serato, but I’ll have another look at it soon