Serato workflow

Hello there,

I just came across with LXN and I m impressed from the capabilities. I just have 2 questions for Serato and Denon engine workflow.
The first is that I use itch sync to sync folders to crates. So I add tracks to physical folders and then sync them to crates and analyse from Serato. Is this possible with LXN?
Secondly I would like to switch to Denon engine. But I want the physical folders again to update and then update the engine playlists. Is this possible?

thanks a lot


Lexicon does not have a way to map files to playlists like that. You can let Lexicon automatically move your files to create a nice folder structure but it wouldn’t be playlist based. See

The approach that your playlists are folders on disk is a bit dated and that’s why Lexicon does not provide tools for that. If you break out of that workflow, you can use Lexicon in far better ways to organize your library.