Setting manual cue points - setting the cues and jumping beats is very tedious

When setting manual cue points in LXC, it’s a pain to toggle between cues, grid, jump features, and the buttons for these are quite small. The cues and jump features should be static in my opinion, since they can be accessed frequently. Maybe it’s just my workflow.

I personally like to find the verse or drop, set cue #3, then jump 32 bars earlier, set cue #2, then jump another 32 bars earlier, set cue #1. This is quite tedious in LXC without using shortkeys since you have to continually toggle between cues and jump. I usually cue 1-2 breakdowns, a drop, and my mix-out point for each track. I have not been able to generate accurate cue points using drop detection yet. Any tips would be great, in addition to this small feature request.

Have you tried using hotkeys set cues, but also to swap the cues/grid/jump panel? Most buttons there can be used with a hotkey so you can do all that quite quickly

I have, but did not realize the hotkey features were as robust and configurable as it is.

Let’s use this example…
I just set “Jump backwards 32 beats” = Shift + left arrow

What does the ‘Global’ checkbox do? How should I be using that?

There is more info about the hotkeys in the manual

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