Smart Crate (Rules action based on previous Rule)

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
I’m wrapping my head around this function in Lexicon, Rekordbox, Serato and i came to a conclusion.

Existing “Smartlist functions” are way of from beeing logical (IMO)

Atm you need to add a new rule per “item” (f.e. artist)
=> can’t it be easier if you enter your artist names in 1 rule separate them with a “;”

Now If this example should work i get a result same as a smartlist with 4 rules (each it’s own artist)

OK if i add another rule for “genre” it goes wrong… and creates an empty list

My idea is:
can the rules act on the results of the previous rule?


Rule 1: my selection of artists
Rule 2: in the resulting selection of artists made by Rule 1 i now chose the genre “d&b Roller” (these artists have also breaks & halfstep music… but for this list i want only rolling d&b tunes…)
Rule 3: in the resulting selection of Rule 2 i want only the tunes that have a bpm between 174 and 176

Wouldn’t it be a handy feature to activate a box on a rule so it’s result is based on the result of the previous rule?

when you mark that selectionbox the green arrow appears as well.

to complete the functionality: also the ability to drag the made rules to another location in the list to change the following order (like you can do with playlists)

How will this feature help you and others?
The user is now able to create more specific smartlists

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
Not like this.

Does a workaround currently exist?
Manualy do a search of artists drag them to a list and filter & delete in that list

I agree with the mutliple values in one rule, but this may not be easy to implement.

For the results, have you tried with the match option set to ‘all rules’ rather than ‘any rule’ as shown in your images, this should give you what you want as all rules need to be matched

both still same result actually… empty list

This is the classic AND/OR problem here… I have chosen (just like all DJ apps) to go for the “easy” way where you can only set all rules to AND or all rules to OR.

What you want is basically nesting of rules where you could do something like this:
if (x OR y) AND (q OR w)

I’ve chosen not to go that way for simplicity’s sake.

Maybe I can think of an addition to the smartlist rules that would help with this but I’m keeping it simple for now. This is a fairly advanced way of using smartlists, most users don’t do this.

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