Smart Crate to Compare other playlists

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Is there any ability to create a Smart Playlist/Crate where a field is another playlist?


I have a playlist/crate with all songs for 80s music, I need
the ability to see if a song is in another playlist/crate.

I have 3 playlists (80s-list1, 80s-list2, 80s-list2), these
are crates i created for gigs. I have a master crate called 80s.
I need to create a smart crate called "not in 80s-list), which
contains the files that are in the “80s-list”, but not in the 80s-list1/2/3. In Database speak, it would be “select * from 80s-list where not in 80s-list1 and not in 80s-list2 and not in 80s-list2”.

This will help prune down songs that you have not played in a while for the next gig so the people dont hear the same music everytime.

There is a smartlist rule called In Playlist. With that you can create a smartlist with tracks that from the other playlist (or that are not in that playlist)

great, I tried looking for it, no luck…

i created a new smart list → add rule → field → “in playlist” does not exist. please advise.

Sorry, I didnt see there was a scroll. It started at the bottom. disregard.

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