Smart Fixes Doesnt Work Properly

I have a folder with many Titles having numbers before them and others with BPM/Energy/Key etc. When i use smart fixes it does not pick these tracks up and therefore does not fix them. Is this a normal occurance and what can i do to fix it. Been trying to physical change it but gosh it is too much!

Can you share some examples of your titles?

The Remove Number Prefix smart fix is intended for titles like 01. Get Lucky

If you have key/bpm in your title, there might be a good option in the Remove Common Text smartfix

I am using the Remove Common Text Option for the key etc.

I think the Remove Key & Energy/BPM option will work for most of that.

The bottom half is a bit weird, but you can also get rid of that by using the Split Field recipe, see How to use the Split Field recipe?

Ok the remove key is not working. Let me try to export the file and re-import it and see.