Smart lists in engine dj

I have about 25 smart playlists in engine dj (latest version) but because I also use soundswitch I had to convert them to normal playlists, now when I import my playlists in to lexicon I get duplicates of the files showing in the dynamic playlist, and all files in the hard playlist are listed as missing and show a file location on a drive I don’t even have, yet they show up in engine just fine and play just fine,


It’s even doing it with no smart lists in engine DJ, I’ve just removed everything from my playlists and created new ones, everything added fine in engine dj, but when I imported in to lexicon some of the playlists are showing as full of missing files and the path is on a drive I don’t even have,

The Lexicon beta actually supports Engine smartlists now.
Just curious, why do you have to convert to normal playlists when using Soundswitch?

Can you check if you have a Engine Library folder on any of your drives? Maybe there is one somewhere that you don’t even use and is conflicting

I have two engine library folder, all my music is stored on the E:\music<subfolders> there is an engine library folder on the root of E, and another on my C drive under users//music/engine library.

The reason I have to convert them to non smart playlists is that I use soundswitch to create the light shows, this currently doesn’t support smart lists yet, so I created loads of smart playlists, went to analyse them with soundswitch…NOPE! lol so now I have A playlist folder with smart playlists, and a duplicate with normal playlists, it works for now as far as soundswitch goes.

I’m just in the process of seeing if deleting the database in C:\users has helped at all, will report back

I’ve attached two screen grabs, this is after removing ALL engine library folders from all drives, then starting fresh and importing some tracks from my E: Drive, I then run lexicon to import the libraries and this is what I get, I don’t even have a q drive, yet the files play perfectly in enginedj

Okay not sure where the Q comes from… Lexicon doesn’t come up with that by itself :thinking: And Engine databases don’t contain drive letters so I have no idea where Q comes from.

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. Maybe that tells me something.