Smart Playlist relocation breaks

I moved a playlist into a folder and now the smart playlist is broken.
Is the smart playlist based on exact location of the referance playlist?

I thought it was based on an ID that is assigned to the playlist so no matter where you put the playlist it will always find it.

Smartlist rules are based on playlist “path” so the folders and subfolders. So this is expected behavior.

It’s not based on an ID because doing that would break when deleting a playlist or when re-importing a playlist.

Is there away to know which are broken without going into each of them?
I have a lot in the app but I’m only going to sync a few

Afraid not…

Can the rule evaluation be the trigger to turn the Smartlist Bold Red when the rules are broken?

Not sure I follow, what do you mean by that?

in the image it turns red when the rules are wrong. using the same logic it would turn the smartlist name and color Bold Red whenever the list gets accessed or evaluated and is found to have bad rules.

Yeah that should be possible, not a bad idea. However it will only turn red when accessed (or when syncing, as it refreshes all smartlists)

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So when I click on :fire:CLEAN MUSIC​:fire: it doesn’t populate all the songs in the smartlist below because some are broke. knowing which are would be great. Also if a check is done at the beginning of the sync that warns you that it can’t due to _________________

I’ll think about that too!

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