Smartlist Export to EngineDJ faulty

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*Lexicon version Latest Beta
Operating system (remove one):Mac

Bug description:

I found a bug in the current beta:

When I create a smartlist with the parameters “Rating-greater than-4-” the creation in LXC works fine.
Exporting to RB, Serato, Traktor and VDJ is also fine.

Only the export to Engine DJ is broken.
The smartlist is displayed there, but the filter does not work. Instead of the correct 149 tracks, all ratings (5100 tracks) are displayed.

Thanks, I will take a look

Not seeing that problem here.
Maybe a playlist with the same name already existed? And that Engine somehow merged them? Since Engine uses databases from multiple drives, maybe that can happen

Nothing like that applies to me.

I have the same lists with 4 stars and 3 stars rating and they are transmitted correctly.

I have already deleted the 5 Stars lists in LXC and Engine and re-syncronized everything with a different name - always the same error

I’ll wait for the next Engine Ventura update, which will hopefully be released in the near future - maybe that’ll solve the problem

And when you right click the smartlist in LXC and duplicate it as normal playlist, are the correct tracks synced to Engine?

Can you upload your Lexicon database and mention which smartlist this is? Maybe I’m overlooking something that your database has

Yes they are

The Smarlist name is “5 Stars”

the normal playlist name is " 5 Sterne"
backup 2022-11-28 (4.7 MB)

Thanks, tried your library but getting the correct amount.

You can try deleting your Engine library and syncing again, but you will need to re-analyze everything.

Have now created a new database in Engine and resynchronized and analyzed everything - same error as before :confused:

Do you have multiple databases on your computer? Eg an Engine Library on external drives? Or only the one in Music/Engine Library ?

No - I only have one database on the Macbook’s internal SSD in Musik/Engine Library

Before that I had uninstalled Engine and deleted the two folders Engine Library and the Backup folder

Can you zip and upload your Engine Library/Database2 folder? You can upload directly to me with this link:

Not sure if I will be able to see anything there, but it’s worth a look

It’s on the way


Same results here.

I think this is an Engine bug really. There is a weird bug where the first playlist of a folder shows more (all?) tracks than it actually should, this might be the same bug.

Try this:

  1. Create new playlist above the 5 Stars in LXC. Name it anything and put it 1 track
  2. Sync to Engine
  3. Check if 5 Stars is now correct

Hello Christiaan,
you’re right- it’s a bug in Engine DJ.

Always the first list in a folder generates the error.
Here at it doesn’t matter whether it’s a smartlist or a normal playlist.

Can you also report this to Denon - I assume your contacts are a bit better than mine :slight_smile:

Or will push the bug on LXC?

I think it’s been reported before. But if you report it again on their forum, it will help

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