Smartlist for tracks that have no cues

I am looking if it’s possible to have a smart list that shows all tracks with missing cue points.
In addition, is it possible to have different coloured cue points.
I currently use Itunes → Traktor → Lexicon

Use the Cue points rule in a smartlist

Right click any cue to set a color

That way I know how to do it, but I am more looking for a smart playlist that can find all the non-green tracks that don’t have cue point. Is that possible?

By non-green do you mean unanalyzed? To find unanalyzed tracks, use the Beatgrid markers equals 0 rule. Combine that with the other rule

No, I mean the green items says “Analysized and has cue points”, while the black ones only say “Analyzed” and have no cue points. I am trying to make a smart playlist that only finds the ones that have no cue points

Yes, use the Cue points equals 0 smartlist rule

Perfect! This worked

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