Smartlist from lexicon to vdj

Hello. I would like to ask if there are any limitations to the smartlists you can transfer from lexicon to virtual dj? I can transfer as many playlists as I want but as for the smartlists only one can be transferred, the others not. Is there any specific setting I need to do or is only one I can transfer?
thank you

You can send as many smartlists to VDJ as you want.

The only limitation is that if you use a smartlist rule in Lexicon that VDJ does not know about, it will automatically get turned into a normal playlist. So maybe that is happening? Playlists are under Lists & Advice

Hello, thanks for your reply. No, the smartlist rules are very basic, let’s say by genre, etc. However, it does turn only one smartlist into playlist and that’s ok but it doesn’t transfer the others…only one. this is why i asked if any limitations are on. Anyway, i will try again. I hope to find a solution. if you think anything else about it let me know. thanks

Can you let me know what you are doing exactly? Full sync, playlist sync? What are you selecting? Video or screenshots would be helpful

I’m doing a full sync to make sure everything is transferred. however, the problem remains…I’m sending you a video…link to a video I hope you can help me…if I’m doing something wrong. thank you

You should be able to find them under Filters:

I don’t know what rules are in the smartlist, but if VDJ has the same rules available (for example, “text contains” is a common rule that VDJ knows but “has one of these tags” is not) then those smartlists will become Filter Folders in VDJ. If those rules are not available, Lexicon turns them into normal playlists.

ok, the rules in the smartlists are simple…I’m sending you screenshot of the settings…also i added one more smartlist to check what will happen and i did the sync again. now, the example lists are in the filter folders as you correctly said and the other smartlist is now at the playlists… weird right?? i cannot understand how it do that. but yeah…its confusing. thanks

Your test smartlist has a rule that VDJ does not know, so it turns into a normal playlist. The other smartlists have rules that do exist in VDJ so it makes sense.

ok, got it. thank you so much. you are always very helpful. thanks !!!

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