Smartlist Rule to search cue text

I’d love to see the ability to set a smartlist to search for Cue text.

For example, I have several loops stored in tracks with the Cue as “Loop” or “Vocal Loop” and when I do that, I set a corresponding tag to “Loop” as well. Except, sometimes I forget, so I end up with some tracks with that tag missing.

Cue Points are part of Smartlist search already, but when trying to set a rule such as Cue Points - Equals - Loop, the “Loop” gets zeroed out when trying to save the rule.

This helps when in RB and I want to drop a pattern or vocal loop, I can either using filter by the Lexicon tag, or search in the comment.

The Cue Points smartlist rule is only for the amount of cue points at the moment. But I suppose I could expand to have a Label Contains operator so you could write something like Cue Points - Label Contains - Loop

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Yeah that would be awesome, there’s a few scenarios where this would come in super handy

I will look into adding that

There’s another smartlist rule that would come in handy. BPM not integer.

Possible. Maybe call it “Is Round Number”? or something else? Integer is not a word people understand

Sure, that works!

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