Smartlist Rules for Tag Categories

Say I have a tag category for all my Genre-based tags. It’s helpful for processing and tagging to have a smartlist that gives me a list of all tracks that don’t currently have a Genre tag assigned so I’ve got an easy list to work through when I’m in the mood to go though and tag some tracks.

Right now to do that I’d either need to just use the Tags->Does not exist rule which gives me tracks with no tags at all, which has been a good starting point but there’s plenty of tracks with other tags but no genre category tag I’d like to catch.

I could work around this using Tags → Has none of these tags and manually select all my genre tags but I’d need to remember to update the smartlist in the future if I add any new tags to that category.

I’d propose a new smartlist top level filter for Tag Category with operators:

  • Has no tags from these categories
  • Has a tag from one these categories
  • Has a tag from all of these categories

Alternatively, just restrict the rules to a single tag category (whichever is easiest and makes the most sense to implement):

  • Has no tag from this category
  • Has a tag from this category
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Good idea! The first 3 are perfectly doable so I’ll go for those.

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