SOME IDEAS for song matcher

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AMAZON MUSIC for the track matcher as option

and also find songs from Serato txt oder csv data

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I can look into Amazon Music, if it is possible.

What do you mean by “find songs from Serato txt” ?

Amazon Music API is in closed beta so I don’t have access yet but once they allow access to all developers, I will add support for it.

Hi Christiaan in serato or other DJ Software you can export playlists ….

Its Text Sara with timestamps This will Not work in lexicon

There is Chance for m3u Csv or Text

And what is with more sources … for Music Downloads e.g heavyhits
Bpm Supreme , DJ City to Download lost files that cant Found in libary …

You can already use a CSV file and M3U8 file, they both work in the track matcher.

When i use serato exported csv it will Not work because the time line is inside and than the Track Matcher will Not

I Hope you know what i mean.

Can you upload that CSV file here?

30.09.23.txt (20.7 KB)

30.09.23 1.csv (8.64 KB)

The CSV works:

Just have to delete the 2nd row after it is loaded

I have no Option to Open csv is it only in pro Version ?


Oh sorry, it’s a beta feature.
You can download the beta here: Download (BETA) | Lexicon - DJ Library Management