Some smartlists don't load, some normal playlists are unpopulated when unsorted

Lexicon version: 1.5.2
Operating system: Windows

Bug description:
I seem to have caught a malformed database. Symptoms are that some smart lists (not all) don’t load, and some normal playlists don’t show any tracks if the list is not sorted (by title, artist, etc.). I’m uploading my database.

Immediate update: After the integrity check (?) the behaviour seems to have changed a bit - smart lists now load, but are empty, and notably do not show the “No tracks found” text that truly empty lists display.

Step by step to reproduce:

Examples for bad smartlists:
All smart lists under Salsocial\Bachata\

Examples for normal Playlists:
All playlists under Salsocial\Sets\ except the Linzer Ball 2023

Update: the bottom left shows the correct total playtime. If I click around the categories in empty smartlists to trigger sorting, I unreliably sometimes get lexicon to show the contents again.

It was a corrupted library after all, which Christiaan kindly fixed within only one hour. Case closed, thank you!

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