Some trouble with Beatgrid - important for me because of Soundswitch

Is there any chance to lock the beatgrid?

I use Serato DJ and I figured out that nearly 90% of the Lexicon beatgrids are wrong. I use Soundswitch for my lightshows, Beatgrid is very important for that.

  1. Do I maybe use the analyze function in Lexicon wrong? Is there maybe a reason for so many wrong beatgrids due to a mistake of myself?

  2. What is the easiest way to keep the beetgrids I already corrected?
    – I use iTunes and Lexicon (I know, I could just use Serato but I don’t like the Autoplay at weddings and iTunes/Apple Music is a good backup. If anything with Serato goes wrong, I just plug a Cinch to jack cable to my controller line-IN and can restart Serato)
    – My normal workflow is: New Music to Platinum Notes, import it Itunes/Apple Music, make a new playlist with all new songs → import it to Lexicon via XML, but only the new playlist. I send the special playlists for my gigs then with Lexicon to Serato, before the gig I anaylze the crates then.
    – If I understand it correctly, I could reimport the Tracks to Lexicon after Serato, with Beatgrid and KEY? Is there a way to only lock these two fields then?

Thank you in advance for any advice to improve my workflow, and again, I know Apple Music is not the best, so I’m also happy for advices about autoplay in Serato :smiley:

Lexicon beatgrids are not perfect yet so you are maybe better of using the Serato analyzer and importing the tracks into Lexicon after that, just like you said in your last point.

This guide describes how to do that. Replace Traktor with Serato there.
You can do Key in the same process, just make sure to select both Key and Beatgrid on the Specific Fields popup.

If you want to keep iTunes, then this is probably already the best workflow because you don’t need to sync to iTunes which is a bit annoying.

Maybe worth looking into VirtualDJ as a backup because they have quite expansive ways of auto mixing. I don’t have much experience there though, just know it exists. If you use that instead of iTunes for automix, the workflow becomes easier because you add tracks straight to Lexicon and just sync to Serato and VDJ.

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Thank you!

I would also have Traktor to analyze, which software is in your experience the best for analyzing?

And if I first import from itunes, then again from serato/traktor, is everything merging then or do I have duplicates?

Last question: Is there a way to lock the beatgrid in the tracks, that it doesn’t get changed by lexicon anymore, or is there a way to turn it off?

Thanks again!

Traktor is best in my experience.

You won’t get duplicates when merge importing.

There is no beatgrid lock currently, but Lexicon won’t change your beatgrids if there already is one

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Ok thank you very much!