Some work to make the interface a bit more touchscreen friendly

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
I’ve recently purchased a surface, and found it’s great for organizing stuff whilst on the go. Some parts of the interface are a bit janky when trying to use a touchscreen, and only work with keyboard and mouse. These are the ones I’ve noticed so far, if I find any more bit’s i’ll add them in retrospectively:

  • Can’t drag the waveform
  • Volume dial doesn’t work
  • Scrolling the playlist/tracks view doesn’t work unless you drag the slider on the right, which scrolls too quick

Might be nice to have an option to switch to a view where the tracks and playlists are a bit larger too.

How will this feature help you and others?
Will make the device easier to use for those who have touchscreen devices

Does a workaround currently exist?
Currently have to flip the keyboard/trackpad out to use certain UI elements

There is a Display Scaling setting that helps to make things bigger. Other than that, I haven’t done anything to make Lexicon touch friendly. I’ll consider it for a future upgrade

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